How to enjoy ramen

The key to enjoying ramen is the sound. One should inhale the noodles, creating a distinct sound that the Japanese describe as

. The zuzutto sound signifies maximum enjoyment of the ramen, because it is created by simultaneously consuming the noodles and soup.

The combination allows the complexity of the flavours to spread through the mouth, eventually leading to the ultimate experience of nodogoshi, the silky sensation of food sliding down one’s throat. Our ramen is served extra hot, so please take extra caution when consuming

First, sip the soup. The rich broth is the culmination of many ingredients and long hours of preparation.

Next, pick up a few strands of noodles and slurp! (Yes, slurp!) Savour the flavor.

Last but not the least, delight your palate with the toppings that are also meant to feast your eyes. Take pleasure in the harmony created by the toppings and the soup.


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